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About me

My name is Vincenzo. After many decades being involved with Corporation Business Systems Training, Fitness Training, College Education and GP referral recovery Fitness, I decided to become a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist to enhance my caring range of knowledge.

It all started when...

The turning point that completely changed my outlook on life was when I had the opportunity to present new database modules, for a pharmaceutical company in front of hundreds of people, not in my native language.

A high level of stress and anxiety, during the preparation to deliver the presentation was building up. I knew that I had to find something that could ease off the tension, on that occasion I found my inner strength through hypnosis.

I was amazed at how Hypnotherapy helped me and I became intrigued by this form of therapy. Since then, I have afterwards been interested and captivated with the results that Hypnotherapy can provide in helping people who want take control of their lives.

I have been involved from a young age with sport. My passion was football as a team sport and fencing as an individual sport.
I have reached good levels but many times I felt that I needed something extra to excel. At that time, if only I knew or someone else could have taught me about the difference between “Fixed Mindset” and “Growth Mindset”.
People with Fixed Mindset believe that intelligence and talent are fixed. They avoid challenges and obstacles and they end up not fulfilling their full potential giving up easily.

People with Growth Mindset embrace challenges, are resilient, work hard to learn more and understand that intelligence can be developed.
People with Growth Mindset embrace challenges, are resilient, work hard to learn more and understand that intelligence can be developed.
A lack of self-belief is a characteristic aspect of a fixed mindset. This can often lead to sports performance anxiety, which is where the stress and pressure that comes with competitive and non competitive sports leads to a decrease in performance and/or positive results.

The reasons that create stress vary:

the audience watching; self-doubting when we are in a presence of tough competitor/opponent. The pressure to achieve, to win, accompanied by the worries of failing yourself and other around you. For many it becomes impossible to overcome a fixed mindset, since these limitations manifest in our subconscious.

This is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help, accessing our subconscious mind and helping to move towards a growth mindset.

Have you ever felt sometimes that something in your life needs a change?

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Latest news

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