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People who I have treated, following my strategies applying relaxation and visualisation techniques, made significant and positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

I practise from my Wellbeing therapy room, in a very welcoming and tranquil place. Hypnotherapy sessions via Google Meet, Zoom and/or Skype, are available for clients who have mobility problems or are not living locally.

Initial Consultation

This session lasts an hour. During the initial consultation we will gather some information, identify how solution focused hypnotherapy can help you and will talk about what you would like to achieve.This is an interesting and revealing explanation way how the mind works. We will discuss what happens during trance and this is an opportunity for you to ask all the questions that are bothering you. I will give you a complementary relaxation track to listen to before our first session.

The Initial Consultation is done face to face, online via Zoom Meeting / WhatsApp or Skype. I practise in English and in Italian.

Subsequent Sessions

These sessions last about an hour. The first consists of talking about your goals and the solution focused steps you are taking towards your preferred future. There will be a revision of the brain, followed by a relaxation session of focused attention, which helps you to make those desired changes.

Smoking Cessation

The smoking cessation session is a one off treatment that takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

Mind Conducted Relaxation Sessions

This is a 45 minutes clinical hypnotherapy relaxation sessions that has a similar effect of a reflexology or massage treatment to balance and stress reducing for the mind and body; a conducted meditation for calming, de-stressing still energising and to instil motivational effect on you for days. This treatments is beneficial and it is the ideal choice of to have if you are in need of deep relaxation even though you don’t require any help with a specific issue.

Phobia Sessions

The treatment of phobias is fast and effective, it takes 4 sessions including the initial consultation.

Following Sessions

If for any reasons it is not possible to meet in person a Google Meet, Zoom meeting or Skype session are the next best thing. I work with many clients in this way and it has proven to be just as effective as a face to face consultation.

How many sessions are needed to achieve positive results?

It depends on the clients’ goals and/or their conditions. Clients will get a realistic idea of the number of sessions (normally between 4 to 12) that they will need during the initial consultation. Exceptions are: conquering a specific phobia which will take two one-hour sessions(*) in addition to the initial consultation.
Smoking or Vaping: a single two-hour session.

(*) If, during the initial consultation, it becomes apparent that stress or anxiety have played a big part so far, clients may be advised to have an additional one-hour session to reduce stress.


Have you ever felt sometimes that something in your life needs a change?

Contact me to arrange a free pre-consultation telephone call with me.

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